How would businesses and organisations run without email?  In truth they would struggle or grind to a halt.  Email is without doubt the most widely used business communications tool and we use it instinctively.  However it has become one of the most effective routes for cyber attacks to penetrate a network or a sensitive data leak to cause a breach.  Securing the email gateway is a vital requirement. Today. businesses must be able to manage the flow of sensitive information and appropriately secure it to protect the value and reputation of their brands. They must also comply with current and forthcoming data protection regulations, while enabling the business to be productive at the same time.  So a solution that could automatically protect critical data, remove only the content that breaks company policies and sends the rest of the email onward would be ideal, right?  We have the answer!

ARgon is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution powered by Clearswift that offers bi-directional protection from next generation information threats across email.  Many DLP systems can be difficult to manage and disrupt business communication by ‘blocking’ all communications detected as breaking company policy, even those that are known to be legitimate. ARgon enables continuous business communication flow by detecting and removing only the content that breaks policy, allowing the remaining communication to continue on unhindered.

Secure your email against data loss AVR

Trusted by organisations across the globe, Clearswift are experts in protecting critical information.  ARgon from Clearswift uses its unique Adaptive Redaction Technology to combat threats and data loss risks in a manner that allows businesses to collaborate with confidence and assurance that the latest threat protection and critical data is protected.

If you are concerned about the security of your email or the implications of managing with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) then please get in touch with AVR for our free, no-obligation help and advice.

This short Clearswift ARgon for Email video provides a brief visual description of its unique features and benefits.

We also invite you to join our Secure your Email with ARgon webinar on Monday 17th July at 4.00pm.  To register, please click here.

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