SentinelOne Active EDR

If you had sufficient, experienced and qualified technical staff, you may be able to stop all cyber attacks, but the cost to your overhead would be enormous.

With the number of cyber and malware attacks in their millions, businesses have to really protect themselves, but tracking, identifying and stopping attacks is a demanding challenge.

Advanced, automated, AI technology, delivering complete multi-layered protection on one agent is the answer.

Say hello to Active EDR from SentinelOne.

Active EDR –  Endpoint Detection & Response – provides:

  • Deep visibility into encrypted traffic. protecting against data breaches, monitoring phishing attempts, identifying data leakage and ensures cross-asset visibility
  • Seamless integration with over 200 other security products
  • Rich forensic data, mitigating threats automatically, isolating the network and immunising the endpoints against newly discovered threats
  • A Rollback facility for an endpoint to its pre-infected state as a final safety measure
  • A single agent with Endpoint Protection (EPP) and EDR combined.

Knock out cyber threats in minutes - automatically AVR

SentinelOne’s Active EDR has the ability to track and contextualise everything in real time, allowing you to track the path of a threat and its impact within six minutes, which is phenomenal when the standard time frame is 24 hours plus. Check out the short video here:

Knock out cyber threats in minutes - automatically AVR

See for yourself how effective it can be with a free, no-obligation demo which includes defeating a live attack.

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If you’re unsure SentinelOne is right for you, our AVR technical experts will freely evaluate your current threat protection. Request your evaluation here too.

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