C360 at The Business Show

One in five small businesses hit by a cyber attack report that the breach cost in excess of £10,000 with one in ten quoting £50,000 as the amount they had to spend to rectify the damage.  With over 875,000 small, and medium sized businesses (SME’s) across the UK being attacked in the last 12 months, can SME’s really afford to take a chance on outdated or inadequate protection?

This recently reported survey data was gathered following the high profile Wannacry attack that took down a large section of the NHS. Breaches in larger organisations make good news but for the SME’s the attacks can have catastrophic affects, destroying hard-built reputations and in the worst cases bringing the business down.

SME business owners have tough choices to make on investment. There are never enough funds and the priority naturally goes to operational demands. Cyber security used to be a simple case of installing anti-virus and firewalls but with today’s more sophisticated attacks, these traditional forms of protection are now not enough as the malware changes and adapts more easily avoiding detection.

There is an answer, it doesn’t cost a fortune, you don’t need to be a technical expert to install it and you don’t need resource to manage it! Custodian360 is a complete managed security protection solution that once installed on your system will detect and protect against all cyber attacks.  Custodian360 is fully managed which means you don’t have to keep monitoring your network for an attack, Custodian360 does it for you.

We invite you to see Custodian360 in action. We are exhibiting at The Business Show which takes place on 16th & 17th November at London Olympia.  This is a free event, specifically for SME’s, covering all aspects of setting up and growing small and medium sized companies.  You can register for The Business Show here.

Custodian360 will be exhibiting on Stand 813 which is situated on the main walkway in the centre of the hall. We will be conducting live demonstrations, showing how Custodian360 detects, protects and destroys malware.  With many of the latest cyber attacks using new processes that traditional anti-virus cannot protect against, Custodian360 delivers the most complete protection from cyber threats in the market today.

Come and say hello, meet the C360 team, watch a no-obligation live demo, pick up some goodies including our limited edition Custodian360 Yo-Yo and enter our draw to win an iPad Air!

Andy James, Custodian360’s Technical Director will be presenting at The Business Show on the afternoon of Friday 17th November from 3.30pm-4.00pm. Andy’s presentation will explore the Dark Arts that cyber criminals are using to infiltrate networks and he will demonstrate why Anti-Virus is Not Enough protection to keep your business secure.

To book a personal demonstration with Andy, simply fill in the details below and one of the C360 team will be in touch to agree the most suitable date and time.  We look forward to seeing you.

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Further information on Custodian360 and Managed Endpoint Security Protection can be obtained by visiting the AVR-Custodian360 web page or call 01189 344 300 and speaking to a member of the Custodian360 team