AVR Mobility

Let AVR Manage your Business Mobile Devices

Your mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – add so much to your business, in fact you probably can’t do without them! Yet managing them efficiently can be a real resource headache. Mobile devices do so much; calls to clients colleagues and customers, surfing web sites, reading confidential data, accessing apps, ordering goods, sales presentations, product demonstrations and more. Keeping them working, up-to-date and secure is vital, but this can cause your valuable technical resource to be diverted from other critical, operational tasks.  AVR’s professional and expert Mobility Managed Service can turn this time-stealing overhead into an indispensable revenue generator.


Mobile Device Security

Assess your Mobile Endpoint Security with AVR and Lookout

Why do you need security on a mobile device?  The increased use of mobile devices in business substantially increases the chance of a data breach or cyber attack.  Businesses and organisations without effective mobile endpoint threat protection are gambling with the security of their networks and the future of their companies .

So how much at risk are your company mobiles? Now you can conduct a simple self-assessment with the smart new Lookout AssessMy tool, a quick, easy-to-complete survey, which will produce a report that clearly identifies where your network could be vulnerable.


Your Endpoint security is vulnerable. Hexis protects, detects, verifies and responds…automatically

Advanced, persistent threats and constant demands on your technical resource could mean that you miss the attack or breach that could cause severe damage to your organisation.

The HawkEye G integrated platform from Hexis™ Cyber Security will give you the protection you need before your sensitive data is compromised.

Meet AVR with Hexis at InfoSec at Olympia, London on 7th to 9th June and let us tell you more or sign up for our webinar on Friday 10th June.