Cyber Data Safety

UK businesses facing increased cyber attacks with email the prime target

A recent survey by insurance specialists Hiscox* reports that 55% of companies surveyed had faced an attack compared to 40% last year.

Over 5,400 small, medium and large businesses across western Europe were surveyed and a ‘sharp increase’ in the number of cyber-attacks was reported. The findings from the survey also recorded that UK organisations were particularly unprepared compared to their European counterparts, with lower security budgets.

The report finds that cyber criminals are identifying more ways to attack and where Ransomware was the primary route, attacks on business email systems have now become more prevalent.

‘These were surprising findings from the survey’, comments AVR International’s Pre-Sales Technical Manager Alistair Russell. ‘With the introduction of the new GDPR Data Protection regulations last year, one would have expected the UK to be more focused on IT security.’ He continues, ‘Many businesses have increased their security awareness procedures and introduced more security solutions to combat the threat, but clearly not enough.’


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