AVR Mobility Managed Service

Save money and improve productivity on your business mobile devices

The cost of business mobile device ownership often focuses on handset and airtime contract charges, but the true cost should include the considerable overhead of provisioning, supporting, managing, and securing the mobile estate.

If your business is running a substantial number of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, Internet of Things – how are you coping with the increasing management demands? How much of your internal technical resource is dedicated to this and are you totally confident it has the knowledge, expertise and customer service skills to deliver the high level of performance your business demands?

A dedicated Mobility Managed Service can provide an improved service level, save money and get more from your mobile investment


5 mobile security questions your business should be asking

Most businesses now rely on mobile devices to assist with communications and help improve productivity.  But how safe are they?  Many cyber attacks target mobile devices, so how confident are you that your mobile security is resilient and you can repel attacks?  Are the key decision makers in your organisation asking the right questions…and getting the best answers?