Your Endpoint security is vulnerable. Hexis protects, detects, verifies and responds…automatically

Advanced, persistent threats and constant demands on your technical resource could mean that you miss the attack or breach that could cause severe damage to your organisation.

The HawkEye G integrated platform from Hexis™ Cyber Security will give you the protection you need before your sensitive data is compromised.

Meet AVR with Hexis at InfoSec at Olympia, London on 7th to 9th June and let us tell you more or sign up for our webinar on Friday 10th June. 


Join our Intel Security Threat Defence webinar on 23rd May

Today’s effective threat defence strategy requires more than antivirus software and firewalls.  Cyber-attacks are more sophisticated and the number of vulnerable endpoints is greatly increased with the growing use of mobile devices.  Join the AVR webinar on 23rd May and hear how Intel Security Protects, Detects, Corrects and Adapts.