In today’s volatile world, IT security is becoming ever more important.  How much control do you have?

Managing and controlling IT security can be a full time task on its own.

With reports stating that 90% of businesses suffer some form of cyber attack, the stakes are high and businesses cannot afford not to be managing their security efficiently.  The cost to a business can be critical, even terminally destructive.  Each instance a high profile brand hits the media spotlight, millions of pounds are quoted in the cost to that business.

IT security demands a strategic approach.  There is little point in spending time, money and energy building a business, a brand, a reputation then leaving holes or gaps for unscrupulous entities to exploit them.  The excuse that there wasn’t enough time or resource to manage the system cannot be justified.

One answer is the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator or McAfee ePO for short.  This is the most advanced, extendible and scalable centralised security management software available.  Used by over 30,000 customers, McAfee ePO can achieve dramatic efficiencies and provide a unified view of your company’s security.  Including features such as a drag-and-drop dashboard, flexible security management options and the opportunity to leverage existing third party IT infrastructure, McAfee ePO is a solution your business needs to seriously consider.

If you are currently operating ePO 4.6, it reaches end-of-life at the end of this year.  You will need to upgrade to ePO 5.X.  There a number of considerations to take into account to ensure a smooth transition and the AVR Tech team will be happy to help and advise.

For further information, call 01189 344 300 and speak to one of the account team.  There is no-obligation and we would be happy to provide help and advice.

Don’t take chances with your IT security.  Don’t be the next news headline.