The New AVR



Since inception in 2002 as an Anti-Virus Reseller, AVR’s been providing our customers with the products to protect their business, AVR has grown from strength to strength.

But over the years, we have seen that in this crowded market needs a competitive differentiation. In 2011, AVR set up their professional and managed service practice, managing clients devices through an experienced helpdesk service. In the last few years, we have noticed a growing need to provide our customers with more support, consultancy and training. As AVR creeps towards its 17th Birthday and this shift in direction, what better time to take the business to the next phase than with a company rebrand.

The New AVR. 

AVR now stands for:

AGILE – We can evaluate your internal cyber, UEM and cloud landscape to enable us to fully understand the challenges your business is facing. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience that can be shared with your team whilst having the agility to easily and quickly implement the right applications which are key to protecting your business.

VIGILANT – Education and Awareness are the utmost importance within cyber UEM and Cloud, volume and velocity of data are one of our greatest challenges within a business, we will be vigilant on your behalf, whether it’s informing and educating on the best fit solution or the consultancy support, you’ll always be in the safest possible hands.

RESPONSIVE – Speed is key. How damaging a technical downtime on your endpoints or a cyber-attack comes down to the management of the processes before, during and after. Poor response undoubtedly creates a bigger crisis. AVR’s robust strategy and our consultant’s knowledge makes sure the correct steps are taken at each stage, whilst some incidents cannot be predicted we work with our customers to align response strategy within the organisation’s frameworks.

The Logo

The ribbon represents the AVR letters in a more modern format showing the evolution of AVR.  It represents the flow of energy and data and the passion we show our customers. The colour palatte stems from AVR’s heritage of red leading to oranges and warmer red to purple tones. Teal represents the future, the next generation and the new dawn within AVR.

The Future

We are currently in a place where we want to reassert our position in the market and draw focus to what we have to offer our customer base, a new brand identity is just the beginning.

However, our main goal remains the same; doing what is right for our customers not what is easy for us.

‘We’ve listened to what our customers have told us and used our technical expertise in Security, UEM and Cloud  to offer a laser-like focus on technologies, services and solutions we know will manage the risks and ease the pain of what our customers are experiencing now.’




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  • Cyber
  • Mobile App
  • Ransomware
  • UEM

  • Former Sales Director Joins AVR Cloud Practice

    Rob comes with over 25 years’ experience of working with start-ups in the cyber security space, having held leadership and business development roles in his fruitful career. He brings a combination of technical and business aptitude to resolving customer challenges.

  • Study Suggests ‘Vulnerable’ Apps Could Be More Common Than People Think

    A recent BBC report highlights the importance of defending mobile devices that can access corporate data from not just obviously rogue apps (e.g. blocking sideloading) but also seemingly ‘good’ apps that may contain recycled code.

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