Threat Hunting Workshop

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Learn to Be the Hunter, not the Hunted.

The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the ability to intelligently uncover and behaviourally detect advanced threats and respond at machine speed.

The workshop will be presented by CEO and seasoned cyber security training expert,Andy James.

Andy will explore in-depth the tools, techniques and procedures used by adversaries to compromise your networks; exploring what signs to look out for and how to identify anomalies that suggest your network has been compromised. Andy will be supported by accomplished cyber security trainer Nikki Webb. Nikki plays an active role in educating and raising cyber security awareness across the UK.

Date:   21 September 2021     Time: 10:30AM GMT    Venue: Online – Go To Webinar


# What to look for

# Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s)

# Event ID’s

# Network artefacts

# How to identify


# How to spot an incoming attack

# Machine AI

# Data Exfiltration

# Remediation Rollback

# Collecting Evidence



Andy James, the CEO of Custodian360, a seasoned security professional with over 20 years experience and a leader in his field. Andy specialises in endpoint protection along with playing an active role in security education, program design and architecture, compliance, privacy and vendor vulnerability assessments.

Andy has a passion for helping businesses of all sizes understand the why, what, when and how of security.


Nikki Webb: a respected and valued member of the Infosec community. Nikki plays an active role in educating and raising cyber security awareness, across the country, by working with schools, police forces and networking communities.

Nikki has a passion for educating all, whether that be business or communities, young or old, around the daily impacts we face within cyber security.



  • BYOD
  • Cloud
  • Cloudknox
  • CRN
  • Cyber
  • Hacking
  • Microsoft
  • Mobile App
  • MobileIron
  • Ransomware
  • Remote Working
  • SentinelOne
  • UEM

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