Secure, simple, safe…with cost savings too!

Over the past few years, schools, colleges and universities in the UK have made significant leaps forward in the use of new technology, including mobile WiFi.

Whilst we have yet to see the end of books, photocopied sheets and pens, whiteboards have replaced blackboards and tablet computers are now pretty common.  The teacher or tutor bringing up subjects from the internet to illustrate points is now commonplace in many lessons and lectures.  Only die-hard traditionalists would decry these developments.  If our children are to work, compete and succeed in the modern world, they must be able to gain access to all the information, using the best available technology.

It’s all well and good having the right tools, but what if access to the portals is affected by poorly performing or inadequate connectivity?  We have become more used to faster speeds and higher quality connections and whilst the UK is still behind a number of other countries in this, standards are rising.  The foundation is undoubtedly WiFi.

In the past, hardware was a key element for WiFi with controllers doing the work.  Now the cloud has changed the game and the team at AirTight Networks have brought scalability to a controller-free world. Automatic security processes, simplified network deployment and efficiencies that translate directly to cost savings.

Security is a key factor.  Not a day passes without news of cyber-attack or a hack on an organisation’s data.  Latest figures suggest that 90% of organisations have had an attempted breach on their networks.  These attacks can come from outside and inside an organisation.  Whether by design or accident, students sometimes need protecting from themselves!  AirTight’s 24/7 monitoring will see any unusual activity and stop it immediately.

AirTight Networks solutions are ideal for education establishments, retail stores, government departments, healthcare organisations and more.  There are currently a range of special offers which the AVR account management team will be delighted to tell you about.  We can also organise free IT security health checks and product demos to make sure you are totally satisfied that the solution we recommend is right for your organisation and your budget.

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