Recent research reveals that almost two thirds of UK businesses believe they will be hit by a data breach unless their technology is not updated in the next 12 months.  Does this include your business?

The media consistently informs us of the high profile businesses that have suffered a cyber attack or data breach, with the cost measured in millions and severe damage done to credibility and reputation. Remember Talk Talk’s breach in 2015 which lost it over 100,000 subscribers and cost the business £60m?

The big, well-known names make great headlines but all businesses are at threat, regardless of size and many of those could not survive the damage a breach could cause.  A recent survey  reveals that IT security and data professionals from over two thirds of UK businesses believe they will be data breach targets over the next twelve months unless their technology is updated. Another survey shows that a third of firms lack adequate data protection policies.  There’s no indication if this third is separate to the two thirds from the previous survey!

Whilst antivirus and firewalls are vital and offer some protection, the most recent attacks use sophisticated methods to infiltrate networks and plant malware.  Ransomware is the latest flavour of the month, enabling cyber criminals to seize control of data and demand payment to allow users to access it.  Even law enforcement, local government and hospitals have paid out to get their data back, finding out that it is corrupt or damaged after they have paid.

So the choice is, do you risk it, take a chance, cross your fingers and hope you can keep under the radar or plan ahead, review your processes, evaluate how you access data and look at the options that suit your business structure and culture?

Whilst there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is a free IT health check from AVR!  As an independent IT security and mobility solutions provider, we provide no-obligation audits to help businesses identify where they may be vulnerable and offer a range of options, including the new technology solutions that will provide protection both now and as business develops.

It is so frustrating to receive receives calls from someone who has been breached, asking for advice on what actions they should now take. We are of course, always happy to help, but a little pre-planning and a free IT health check could have avoided the disruption, damage to reputation and credibility, together with the additional work and cost incurred.

To request your free IT health check or chat to a member of the friendly AVR team about your situation, call 01189 344 300 or complete this form and we will get right back to you.

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