As the sophistication of cyber-attacks continues to rise, whether you’re an SMB or larger enterprise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the security of all endpoints.

The truth is, legacy AV solutions don’t cut it. Today’s advanced malware, exploits, and other cyber-attacks will blow right by AV-based solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to get updated with the latest threat signatures, no matter how sophisticated your static analysis claims to be. SentinelOne unifies functions into one single agent and proactively resolves threats in real-time.

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The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the ability to quickly and intelligently uncover and behaviourally detect advanced threats and respond at machine speed, controlling the threats that your organisations face.

Working in two parts, AVR provides a full managed endpoint security system using the award-winning SentinelOne network-wide antivirus software which provides deep and detailed real-time network threat monitoring and analysis, backed up by a dedicated team of security analysts providing the first line of defence for your business.


AVR partner with Custodian 360 platform to continuously run a powerful and deep analysis of potential threat data, which is transformed into intuitive visualisations to help pinpoint the source of attacks and intrusions.  Whilst silently monitoring all user and kernel space activity, so when threats are detected we can stop them in their tracks regardless of their nature, meaning your business operations continue uninterrupted. We can automatically repair and roll back any damage to your files, unlocking ransomware locked systems and closing infection points to ensure your system’s defences are constantly evolving with the latest threats.

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    SentinelOne integrates with over 300 APIs



    2019 saw a reported 265% increase in fileless malware threats compared to the first half of 2018.



    Of UK businesses experienced at least 1 breach or attack per month
    (Source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019)

    WHY AVR?



    We can evaluate your internal cyber, UEM and cloud landscape to enable us to fully understand the challenges your business is facing. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience that can be shared with your team whilst having the agility to easily and quickly implement the right applications which are key to protecting your business.



    Education and Awareness are the utmost importance within cyber UEM and Cloud, volume and velocity of data are one of our greatest challenges within a business, we will be vigilant on your behalf, whether it’s informing and educating on the best fit solution or the consultancy support, you’ll always be in the safest possible hands.



    Speed is key. How damaging a technical downtime on your endpoints or a cyber-attack comes down to the management of the processes before, during and after. Poor response undoubtedly creates a bigger crisis. AVR’s robust strategy and our consultant’s knowledge makes sure the correct steps are taken at each stage, whilst some incidents cannot be predicted we work with our customers to align response strategy within the organisation’s frameworks.



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