With the rapid changes in cyber security over the last few years, it’s vital that threat protection solutions match the exploits of the cyber criminals and meet the needs of businesses and organisations to ensure they remain secure. One of AVR’s key service tenets is to keep close to all of our customers and industry prospects to be certain we have the right solutions.  One way of doing that is to run surveys where we ask the recipients for their views. We have one currently running that offers a free £10 Starbucks Coffee voucher and we invite you to participate!

We appreciate that you are busy people and completing survey questionnaires, however short they may be is taking time from your other work but the information you provide can help us shape and refine our threat protection offering.  To give you some friendly encouragement, we will gladly send you a generous £10 Starbucks Coffee voucher which you can use in any Starbucks outlet to purchase your favourite beverage.

All you have to do is to follow this survey link and answer the six easy questions and submit your answers. We will compile all the results and analyse them to see that we have our solutions presented in the right way.  We may get in touch to follow up but we won’t pester you!

Thanks in advance for helping us out.


If you do have any questions, queries, thoughts or concerns on any element of data and network security or threat protection then please feel free to get in touch. You can contact AVR by calling +44(0) 1189 344 300 or visiting www.avr.co.uk.