SentinelOne Endpoint Protection

Over 50% of all UK businesses were hit by a cyber attack in 2017. Seven out of ten large firms identified a breach and those businesses holding electronic data were twice as likely to be attacked (UK Government Cyber Breaches Survey 2017).  All of those attacked will have anti-virus and firewalls in place, but today’s advanced malware can breach those defences.  Next Generation Endpoint Protection will stop every type of attack at every stage in the threat life-cycle.  So what’s stopping you giving your business this vital security?

The news media is swamped with stories of the latest large scale cyber attack and Ransomware is flavour-of-the-month in the information security world. So much so that’s its likely many people are tired of hearing of the threat.  Many businesses are hoping for the best that they won’t be attacked and keeping their fingers crossed but the Cyber Breaches Survey shows this to be a dangerous strategy.

Securing the Endpoints is the key to a solid network. With the ability to uncover and detect advanced threats through behavioural analysis, Next Generation Endpoint Protection is the most effective solution and from the options available, AVR believes SentinelOne offers the most comprehensive and effective protection.

We can stop every type of endpoint attack AVR

SentinelOne will protect endpoints across every vector, protecting, detecting, eradicating and remediating all threats, automatically.  So confident are SentinelOne, that it offers a Ransomware Protection Guarantee that in the event of an undetected ransomware attack, customers can receive up to $1,000 for each endpoint to recover files.

AVR also offers Custodian360, a Managed Endpoint Security Protection service built on the SentinelOne platform that delivers all of the benefits without you having to invest in resource to manage to solution. This ideal for smaller organisations with limited access to IT support.

We can stop every type of endpoint attack AVR

To provide you with more information on the benefits of Endpoint Protection, we invite you to request a free, no-obligation demonstration of SentinelOne which includes seeing malware identified and defeated in a real time environment.  Complete the form below and one of the AVR team will quickly be in touch to confirm details.

The threat to all businesses and organisations is severe and becoming more so with sophisticated attacks coming from a broad range of vector’s. Don’t leave the security of your business to chance.  Request your demo today.

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