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The demands on the IT resource in any business is greater than it has ever been.  The reliance we all have on our networks, endpoints and data is virtually 100% and should anything happen to our systems, we can feel helpless and vulnerable and the technical team are under enormous pressure to fix the issue.  With the growing threat of cyber attack and data breach, the knowledge and resource within IT needs to be so extensive.  Realistically, unless the business can support a large department it is unfeasible that they will have all the knowledge and time to effectively manage all aspects, so managed services support is a sensible and effective way to keep your business safe, secure and productive.

When it comes to managed services, at AVR we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We know that whoever you are, and no matter how big or small your project or company, the service you need will always be different. This is why our end-to-end managed services are always bespoke, always tailored and always trusted.

Managed services with AVR offer an expert extension to your IT team. Our starting point is to always clarify exactly what you need and why you need it, simplifying and optimising your solution just by asking the right questions. We understand that it’s not enough for your internal IT team to be jack of all trades – they need to be masters, which is why we also offer full training and knowledge transfer workshops.

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