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Mobility Managed Services

Ensuring mobile devices remain effective, secure and productive within an organisation can be time consuming and costly.  AVR’s proven mobile device management expertise can take your mobility to a new level.

The definition of ‘mobility’ relates to the physical movement of a person or objective.  For AVR, the term Mobility encompasses a broad range of products or services that relate to the use, control and management of mobile devices within a business, organisation or enterprise.

Running a business solely from an office, using a desktop PC and landline are now considered by many to be out-of-date.  Mobile working is essential, allowing employees to keep in touch wherever they are with colleagues, suppliers and customers. The necessity to access documents and data held on company networks and the internet from different locations is also vital.

The use of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptop PC’s is virtually universal, with the millions of available apps  for all of these mobile devices revolutionising both our personal and business productivity.  With mobile devices being company owned or supplied by the individual under a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme, managing, tracking and keeping devices and data secure is a major task..

With these great advances in Mobility comes risk.  Allowing access to confidential or personal data from mobile devices increases productivity and communication but also opens an organisation to attack or infiltration by malware. To maintain the security of a network and its data, mobile data security and mobile device management (MDM) programmes should be considered.

AVR has extensive, hands-on knowledge and experience of creating, delivering and Mobility Managed Services.  We work with the leading mobility solution vendors to create bespoke mobility programmes for our customers, supported with a highly skilled, in-house Mobility Services Help Desk to provide assistance on any related mobility issue. This AVR ultra efficient, cost effective and flexible approach to mobility, looking after our customers in a complex market, is your guaranteed route to ensuring your mobile devices add true, measurable value to your organisation.

You can read more about the work we do for some of our mobility customers here: VW Cars, National Accident Helpline and SThree

If you do have an existing Mobility programme in place or are interested in an independent, objective, no-obligation review of your current mobility processes and procedures, the team at AVR would be delighted to hear from you.

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AVR Mobility Managed Services

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