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Threat Protection

All businesses and organisations will be hit by a cyber-attack at some time.  Having the right protection to minimise damage and continue operation is vital.  AVR offers expert, no-obligation advice on the best solution for you.

Cyber Threats…Ransomware…Shadow IT…Spear Phishing…Data Breach…Stealth Attacks…Spoofing…Tampering…Repudiation…Eavesdropping…over recent times, many of these words and terms have sadly become too familiar.

The media widely publicises instances of high profile organisations being hacked or cyber-attacked and many more businesses and organisations are increasingly aware of the threat to their networks, endpoints and data.

Virtually all businesses have sensitive and personal information that can be too easily obtained.  Antivirus software and firewalls are in place. Together with systems and processes but still cyber attackers are far too successful in spreading their malware.  A survey by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that 74% of UK small firms experienced a security breach, with 90% of large organisations also targeted.  Small and medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable; many of them feel they are not prime targets and will not take measures to protect themselves or spend the money to do so.

The real challenge, particularly for many non-technical people is how to find the best IT solutions to work with their business models? How can they be sure they’re not being sold software that is inappropriate, inadequate or overly expensive and will not meet their requirements as their business grows and develops?

Should you as a business talk directly to any security software vendor and they will naturally try to sell their solutions.  Yet talk with independent IT Security specialists AVR International and our goal is to find the right solution for your business.  We will:

  • Ensure we fully understand your business information structure
  • Assess what you may need for the future
  • Review the range of appropriate solutions and give you a number of options
  • Fully explain the features and benefits of all solutions
  • Provide you with no-obligation quotes on request
  • Assist with tech support and account management

We know this non-traditional, no-obligation, consultative approach works.  AVR started in 2002 and through looking after the customer in a complex market, has an impressive track record of growth, success and customer recommendations from a client base of over 200 businesses.  We also specialise in helping businesses manage their mobile devices; another area where security can be at risk.

So what are you going to do next?  Carry on and hope you don’t get targeted?  Risk your valuable company information or customer data to attacks from external cyber terrorists or even naïve, well-meaning employees?

Or take the first step to protecting your future and contact AVR at or call us on 01189 344 300.

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