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Data Protection and Compliance

Keeping sensitive client or customer data and your company’s intellectual property safe and secure is a major priority for all organisations, regardless of size.  With cyber-attacks growing in number and frequency and new, stringent regulations coming into force, the importance of having the right protection and processes cannot be over emphasised.

With an ever evolving threat landscape, it’s vital that organisations take time to analyse their data management and ask themselves some simple but vital questions:

  • Do we know where all our data is at all times?
  • Who has access to our data and by what means?
  • Do we track who accesses our data?
  • Do we securely back up our data?

If you’re not totally confident on your answers to these questions then frankly, you are going to have to start to seriously consider the issues.  Along with the increasing malware threat there are new regulations on the horizon with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018.  Regardless of the UK’s Brexit position, doing any business with other EU companies will require adherence to GDPR with significant financial penalties of up to 4% of worldwide turnover for non-compliance. More info on our animated AVR on GDPR video here:

Data Protection and Compliance AVR

IT security software providers are addressing the issue and a number of solutions are available that will back up data, provide audit trails and render data unintelligible through encryption to unauthorised persons.  Give AVR a call and we’ll be happy to outline the options for you.

If your organisation carries or processes sensitive or confidential data you should consider the following steps:

  1. Establish where your data resides, both within your organisation and with any third party suppliers
  2. Organise your data by type, value and department
  3. Appoint a Data Protection Officer. You will need someone in your company who will take overall responsibility for the data.  This not only will get you organised, it demonstrates to your customers that you are a trustworthy business
  4. Check regularly and report on data, its movement and uses
  5. Have a disaster plan ready. What if your data was hacked, stolen or corrupted?  How would the business continue, what would be the communications strategy to customers, suppliers and staff?
  6. Review your IT security. Is your data protected?  Are you backing it up daily?  How are you restricting access?

If all of this seems daunting or you are unsure on certain elements then please get in touch with us at AVR.  We work with all types of business and organisation, large and small, across all sectors so we have the knowledge, experience and expertise on knowing what solutions work best in which situations.

There’s more information with a free GDPR e-book guide, outlining how the regulation works and what your business needs to do to comply, compiled in association with IT security specialists Gemalto.  Use this contact form to request your copy.


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