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Mobility Managed Services

Mobile devices have transformed workplaces and the way in which we work.  The ability to be able to communicate and be productive without being tied to one location has created vast improvements in communications and productivity.

As is true in many aspects of life, with the advantages come challenges such as increased workloads and accountability and a rise in overheads from additional resources to manage the new technology.

Mobility increases the number of endpoints that now need to be managed. If a user has mobile device, he or she is likely to have a laptop and/or a desktop computer and possibly a tablet computer too.  Add in the increasing range of connected devices (Internet of Things) and the IT department quickly becomes stretched.

Mobile device security

The security of the business becomes stretched too. Additional endpoints provide additional opportunities for criminal cyber attack and accidental data breach. Keeping all mobile devices up to date with the latest software and operating system updates becomes more vital than ever.

Mobility Managed Services AVR

Bring Your Own Device

Many organisations operate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing employees to use their own devices on business, but the companies may not have the correct or appropriate controls in place to manage this and protect their data. Who for instance, is to control the downloading of apps from unauthorised resources and the unfettered access to vital business data can stretch organisations and open them to cyber-attack or data breach.

There are also challenges in the way in which people use their mobile devices. Many users are utilising multiple applications and the range of devices is growing.  IT departments are facing the challenge of supporting multiple platforms across iOS and Android operating systems, and need to manage the changeover when users upgrade or change devices.

So what is the best way forward with managing mobile devices?

Mobility Managed Services portfolio

AVR has extensive experience at creating, developing and managing mobility projects and processes for organisations. We have developed a portfolio of mobility managed services that will relieve organisations of the burden of managing and securing their mobile fleets  As part of this, we provide a range of management and security solutions from different vendors, designed to protect, manage, monitor the devices in the network and organise and control access to sensitive data. Our Mobility Managed Services includes:

  • New mobile device procurement advice and specification
  • Mobile Device Management and Security app recommendation
  • Bespoke mobile app development
  • Provisioning of new mobile devices
  • Device replacement
    • Loan devices (iPad tablets/smartphones) for business continuity
    • Managing AppleCare claims on behalf or fretailers
    • Resolving issues
    • Secure dispatch to users
  • Contacting users with out-of-date applications/OS versions and remotely updating
  • Remote technical support by phone and email
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Connectivity
    • Troubleshooting and general usage advice
  • Full reporting suite including asset logs, service desk ticket volumes, duration and types

Case studies

We provide some or all of these services for a range of businesses and invite you to view case studies for some of our clients, such as  VW Cars, National Accident Helpline and SThree.

You can also view our short ‘AVR – Life in the Day of an iPad’ video to see how we manage one of our large Mobility programmes.

How does your company approach mobility?

  • Have you got robust systems in place or could you do with reviewing the process, procedures and applications?  
  • Does your in-house IT resource have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge across all operating systems?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge to efficiently evaluate all of the the available mobility applications and identify what is best for your business?
  • Is your company looking to change mobile platforms and would you like help and guidance on the process?
  • Do you have a legacy BlackBerry system you want to upgrade or phase out?
  • Does IT have the time to upgrade software, install apps, fix problems and monitor traffic to identify threats?
  • Would you be interested in a no-obligation review of your mobility arrangements?

If the answer to any of these questions identifies a gap within your organisation, then AVR would like to help.  We can conduct a complimentary Mobile Device Risk Assessment (MDRA) which can help you identify the vulnerable areas in your organisation that could put the security of your devices and data at risk. The MDRA examines how your business uses mobiles within the organisation and provides suggestions on how you can safeguard against breaches. You can request an MDRA by completing the form below.

AVR’s Mobility E-Book

AVR has also produced an e-book that discusses many of the key aspects of Mobility. Written from our experience of managing programmes for clients, it offers valuable insights for those seeking to further explore Mobility.

If you would like to request a copy of AVR’s 10 Steps to Mobility Success E-Book

Mobility Managed Services AVR

please complete the contact form below and one of our team will get back to you promptly.

Alternatively, if you are interested in finding out more on any aspect of Mobility Managed Services, Mobile Security or Mobile Device Management, please contact AVR’s Mobility Account Manager Dan Hughes here or call 01189 344 300.

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