AVR International

Writing this post today 20th November, I calculate there are just 25 working days until the end of the year. It’s quite staggering how quickly time passes.  How those lovely warm summer days have fast faded into the memory as the cold, damp, dark days of winter approach. So have you achieved all you wanted to in 2017?  Can we help you with any outstanding threat protection, data compliance or mobile device management issues?  Always happy to chat and provide an alternative quote with no obligation.  

AVR’s range of products and services includes a comprehensive selection of threat protection including email, web, next generation endpoint protection, data protection and compliancemanaged security services and mobile device management along with the traditional anti-virus and firewalls.

Cyber attacks and data breaches are at record levels and continuing to aggressively target all businesses, regardless of size so we are all at risk of a breach.

We can help you assess your vulnerability across your network and identify where you may be most at risk.  We’re not interested in selling you products for the sake of it.  We would not have been in business for 15 years if we were just a ‘hit and run’ reseller.  We want you to have the best protection that is right for you as we know you’ll come back to us if we get it right.

With over 230 customers, many of whom have been with AVR for a number of our 15 years, we value the trusted IT security adviser status that many regard us.

To help celebrate our 15 years and to promote AVR’s core features, we created this little video.  Hope you enjoy!


So if you’re looking for help or advice on any IT Security or Mobility matter, or just a FREE AVR Kit Kat and Smart Cloth get in touch on 01189 344 300 or email info@avr.co.uk.

We’d love to hear from you and absolutely promise not to pressure sell!  Remember, there are not many days left until the end of the working year, but there is enough to clear those outstanding tasks and to start 2018 with a clean sheet! All the best from everyone at AVR.