Businesses with less than 200 Endpoints will find that Custodian360 offers comprehensive protection against known and unknown cyber attacks and malware threats.

This subscription based service is particularly effective for smaller organisations with minimal IT resources.  Custodian360 guarantees protection with its total cover, which will:

  • Kill malicious processes
  • Quarantine malware and infected files
  • Disconnect infected Endpoints from the network to prevent lateral spread
  • Alert your IT Security personnel via email
  • Immunise all other protected Endpoints on the network against new, never-before-seen threats
  • Report and escalate
  • Provide regular, ongoing board level reporting

To learn more about Custodian360 and request a personal demonstration of how Custodian360 detects, protects and repairs, call 0118 214 1860 or visit www.custodian360.c0m.

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