Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile Security

Would you run your network without security software?  Most organisations are heavily reliant on mobile devices with sensitive data moving beyond the traditional perimeters into the cloud, yet many do not protect themselves from mobile threats. Latest analysis shows 90% of email is seen on mobile devices and analysts forecast that the majority of future cyber attacks will be targeted at mobile devices.

Lookout is a mobile endpoint cyber-security solution, ideal for enterprises, that works by predicting and stopping mobile attacks before they do harm.

With Predictive Security at its heart and expertise in mobile, scale, and technology, Lookout Mobile End Point Security identifies the hidden connections that might go unnoticed. With Lookout’s Global Sensor Network, a worldwide population in excess of 70 million mobile users and 11 million apps, Lookout maintains global awareness of threats while preserving user privacy.

With evolving mobile threats, including mobile malware, data leakage, side-loaded apps, and jailbroken/rooted devices, Lookout’s Enterprise Mobile Security assists large organisations to enable BYOD, working across all devices, integrating with MDM platforms and ensuring compliance to defeat advanced mobile threats. For more detailed information, please download Lookout’s Mobile Endpoint Security whitepaper Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Datasheet AVR or view this  brief Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security video

With the new Data Protection GDPR regulations being enforced from 2018, all organisations and businesses trading with European businesses must be compliant or face significant penalties. UK companies are still bound by the UK Data Protection Act 1998 which requires organisations to comply with regard to the processing of personal data. Investing in a Lookout solution will help protect your business data on mobile devices and help you meet the regulations. Read more on how Lookout can assist with UK data protection and compliance here: Lookout for UK Organisations

How secure are YOUR mobile devices?

If you are unsure as to how secure your organisation’s mobile devices are, you can take advantage of a free, no-obligation Lookout Mobile Risk Assessment. All you need do is complete a brief, two minute survey here. From the survey, Lookout’s mobile security analysts will assess the level of risk your mobile estate is at and provide recommendations on how you can improve your security. Don’t chance your mobile security, be confident you are protected with this valuable assistance from Lookout and AVR.

For any assistance or no-obligation advice on your mobile phone or tablet security, contact AVR on 01189 344 300 or email info@avr.co.uk.

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