The volume of global cyber-attacks have grown at a phenomenal rate with the methods, processes and routes of attack becoming ever more diverse and sophisticated, providing extensive challenges for endpoint protection.  The key task for all organisations, regardless of size and structure is to identify an attack, respond quickly and take effective action as swiftly as possible.

Traditionally, anti-virus has been effective, but the advanced malware challenges that are becoming more prevalent, particularly Ransomware, exposes the limitations of AV and leaves businesses vulnerable and open to infiltration. If an attack is detected, the gap between detection and response can still result in a major compromise that could ultimately cost an organisation financially and severely damage its reputation.  More information on the Ransomware threat can be found here: Sentinel One and AVR – Ransomware is Here.

Out now… the new AVR SentinelOne Ransomware video…Watch it here 

The SentinelOne proposition combines dynamic analysis of advanced threats, with the ability to predict a threat’s behaviour and deliver intelligent response at machine speed.  SentinelOne is the first and only ‘Next Generation’ Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that successfully detects and prevents ransomware-based attacks and now GUARANTEES the solution.  Read more here: SentinelOne Ransomware Guaranteed.

SentinelOne’s key features include:

  • Real-time, continuous behavioural detection of advanced malware, exploits and live attacks
  • Predictive Execution Inspection to monitor limited execution of all suspicious software
  • Kernel Space Operation, allowing SentinelOne to perform protection, detection and response with an extremely small footprint
  • Roll-back. SentinelOne is the only solution that saves and protects the shadow copies of data files, making it uniquely capable of helping victims recover from a ransomware infection
  • Automatic Response and Mitigation, providing full Endpoint protection and Endpoint Detection and Response in a unified platform
  • Broad Platform Support across Windows, Android, iOS together with Mac OS X and mobile operating systems

SentinelOne can provide an extra layer to your existing anti-malware protection or is so effective that it could replace AV on all endpoints and protect against malware and sophisticated, advanced, persistent threats, without negative impact to all protected devices.

In February 2017, independent research and test authority NSS Labs, based in Texas USA, carried out an Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test on SentinelOne where it achieved an outstanding  security effectiveness rating of 99.79%. The testing utilises real threats and attack methods including malware, exploits and blended threats, deployed using a range of infection vectors. To be truly effective, an AEP solution must be able to correctly identify and allow benign traffic.  Failure to do this would have measured it as a false positive alert.  SentinelOne’s false positive rate scored at 0.0% demonstrating total effectiveness in this category.  To obtain your free copy of the NSS Labs AEP Test Report, call 01189 344 300 or email AVR here

We also offer a full Proof of Concept service , backed up by assistance from our qualified technical team.  For more no-obligation, no-pressure information or support, please complete the fields below and one of the AVR team will be back to you immediately or call 01189 344 300.


For smaller organisations with less than 200 endpoints and a limited IT resource, a completely managed service with the total protection benefits of SentinelOne is ideal for your business. Custodian 360 from AVR offers a cost effective, subscription-based managed security service that guarantees the security of your network and data, leaving you to focus on managing and developing your business without fear of attack or breach.  For further information, visit or call 01189 344 300.

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