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Many of the recent comments on cyber and ransomware attacks centres around when an attack is going to happen and not if. Opinion seems to be that no business or organisation is immune from attack and as the data and information held by every company has a value, all companies are targets for cyber criminals. The damage that can be done by hackers accessing your network and obtaining data can be disastrous, affecting the stability and future well-being of the organisation. So identifying where your business may be vulnerable becomes an important consideration. A Pen or Penetration Test will find all the gaps and access points, giving you the opportunity to increase your security and stop intrusions.

Working with a team of certified IT security consultants from leading security analysts Foresite, we will create a structured Penetration Test that will identify critical areas or situations where your network could be open to a breach. Our security analyst will act as an attacker with the objective of penetrating the network through a range of agreed vectors. Take a look at our animated Pen Test video here:

Why a Pen Test will keep your business secure AVR

We will ensure all testing is carried out to the highest professional and regulatory levels in association with your organisation’s working practices, with the test carried out either on or off site.  We will produce a comprehensive report of the findings, with our experts taking you through the findings.

So don’t wait until you are attacked to find out where your organisation is vulnerable. Organise your Pen Test now and get ahead of the bad guys.  Attacks are on the increase so please get in touch now, either by calling AVR on 01189 344 300 or complete the form below and one of our team will get straight back to you.

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