Why Beacons?

Beacons are devices that communicate with a shopper’s smartphone in the hopes of improving the in-store shopping experience.

When placed in a store, beacons use Bluetooth technology to detect nearby smartphones and send them media such as ads, coupons or supplementary product information. They can also be used as point-of-sale systems and to collect information on those consumers — particularly how consumers maneuver through stores.

Below we take a look at the benefits of Beacons and how these compare across various industries.


  • Promote the download of your mobile Application.
  • Provide a more unique and personal in-store experience.
  • Customers can opt-in or out of BLE Notifications.
  • Proximity based marketing – more accurate than Wi-Fi.
  • Greet your customers around as the walk in.
  • Guide customers around store.
  • Promote products, offers and promotions.
  • Capture customer data – 360 degree view.
  • Use in-store iPad kiosks and BLE Beacon as emitters.
  • Embrace instant payment through Apple wallet.
  • Provide assistance to the visually impaired.
  • Link in-store to other customer contact channels.
  • Centralised management console.
  • Real-time analytics into shopping behaviour.
  • Protection of your digital space.

Real Time Business Intelligence

  • Visits.
  • Behaviours.
  • campaign effectiveness.
  • Promotional Advertising.
  • Brand Visibility.
  • Increased Sales.
  • Information alerts.



Intelligently use big data to personalise in-the-moment customer recommendations that encourage purchase and predict future purchases.


Target customers by using real-time personalised recommendations, understanding online behaviour, current trends and purchasing patterns.


Use highly targeted and relevant messaging that will prompt brand engagement and encourage loyalty by creating enhanced travel experiences.


Facilitate a smooth customer journey and enable relevant targeted messaging, whilst collecting essential and insightful data from the whole experience

Shopping Centres

Multiple stores, one customer – create a unified shopping experience by maximising customer engagement using proximity marketing in the right place, at the right time.


Predict what types of books or publications your customer is looking for, when and where they’ll be looking for it, and use this data to send targeted relevant messaging.

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