It’s not only big businesses that are at risk from cyber attacks or data breaches.  Smaller businesses can be more vulnerable with much larger consequences.

With the government, MI5 and GCHQ all warning that the threat of cyber attacks, particularly to FTSE 350 companies are very significant, there is a tendency for smaller business owners to believe that they may not be at risk.  Sadly this is not true.

In the US, the National Business Association reports that 50% of its members had been victims of cyber attacks last year. The reality is that small and medium sized businesses have much more to lose.  A data breach could literally destroy a smaller organisation through compromising its data, critically damaging the operation and ruining its reputation and credibility.

To those not so technically minded, it can all seem confusing. How do you protect your business? What do you need to install?  How can you protect your staff from innocently bringing in a virus? Is your firewall up to the job? How expensive is this going to be?

You could take your chances and do nothing or take advantage of AVR’s Free Security Health Check.  One of our expert techies will call you, talk through your system, in plain English and identify where you may be vulnerable.  He will then work with one of our account managers to find you the best range of options that can protect your business, within your budget.

This is a no-cost, no-obligation service from AVR.  We are independent, IT security solutions specialists with a successful track record of assisting all types and sizes of businesses.  We are happy to provide case studies and independent recommendations on request.

So, do you feel lucky and will just carry on as you are?  Or are you going to protect your future with a call to AVR on 01189 344 300 or email for no obligation advice?