Think Your Business Isn’t at Risk from a Cyber Attack? Think Again.


It’s not only big businesses that are at risk from cyber attacks or data breaches.  Due to cybercriminals opting to attack individuals rather than business, companies of all sizes are now vulnerable, and smaller business holds greater consequences.

One major threat to people is cybercriminals tricking employees into opening unsafe links within emails or attachments otherwise known as Phishing. They can impersonate senior staff in your business and instruct them to take actions that are detrimental to your business, normally with financial implications.

Even to those who are technically minded can get confused with what is genuine and what is a threat. SO, how do you protect your business? What do you need to install?  How can you protect your staff from innocently bringing in a virus? Is your firewall up to the job? How expensive is this going to be?




Of 900 IT directors polled in Western Europe said they had identified instances of employees replying to unsolicited emails or clicking on links contained within them.

(source: revealed a poll conducted by Sapio Research)


Protecting your business starts with protecting your people by giving them not only the right technology but also the knowledge to protect themselves against potential attacks. Consider the risks of every individual within your business, from how they can be targeted, what data is at risk and how likely they are to fall for attacks.




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