GDPR Data Compliance

How confident are you that all the data across your organisation is protected, secure and compliant?  Whether your firm is one of the Magic Circle, the Big Six or a dynamic boutique operation, your vital, sensitive, confidential and priceless data is at risk without the most robust protective and authentication processes in place.

Security, confidentiality, credibility and reputation are critical within most organisations; within the legal sector they are an absolute imperative. Take the first step and claim your AVR data health check and complimentary GDPR e-Book with vital tips and information on how to keep your data safe and compliant.

If the increasing threat of an external data breach or an accidental internal leak isn’t pushing you, the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will compel you to take prompt action. GDPR is a new EU Data Compliance regulation that comes into force next May and not complying can result in a hefty fine. Regardless of Brexit, the UK will still be EU members at this time and you will need to conform if you wish to continue to trade with other European countries.

For GDPR your business must be able to demonstrate effective data management and one of the most important areas is Encryption.  If you are breached, encryption will ensure your data stays safe and secure.  With encrypted data you do not have to notify the authorities of a breach, you therefore cannot be subject to a hefty fine and your organisation’s reputation and credibility remain sound. This is absolutely vital for those companies with high profile, high worth clients that regularly handle sensitive information and manage financial transactions.

As an independent provider of IT security and mobility solutions, AVR can help. We advise hundreds of businesses on the most effective ways of managing their IT security matters.  Our open, honest and unbiased views are welcomed by organisations large and small.  We combine professional and practical advice with expert technical knowledge to analyse structure, challenges and requirements and present our proposals with the best options.

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If you are starting to think about GDPR and Data Compliance and you probably should as it will take time to get all your processes in place for next May, take a look at our useful tips and information on our Data Protection and Compliance solution page.

One of AVR’s key partners on managing data compliance and GDPR is the world leader in digital security – Gemalto.

Are you sure your data is 100% secure and compliant - Yes or No? AVR

Gemalto, which incorporates the SafeNet product portfolio, combines the best technologies, expertise and services available for securing a complete infrastructure across network, users, data and software, authenticating identities and protecting data with encryption, which are vital components in keeping data secure.  

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the ‘internet of things’, authenticating people, transactions and objects, encrypting data and providing value.

Across the world’s legal community, Gemalto’s solutions and expertise are in extensive use, allowing secure remote access to sensitive information, auditing and monitoring data movements and controlling authentication.  

These two legal sector case studies will provide valuable insight: AllenMatkins Legal SafeNet Case Study  Lexence Legal SafeNet Case Study   

For more information on protecting your data and networks, with advice on encryption and authentication contact AVR on 01189 344 300 or email us here.