AVR IT Security Assessment

AVR’s IT Security Assessment will check if you’re really protected.

So your business network has Anti-Virus software and a Firewall installed and you may have some form of threat protection solution too.  Or do you? The  BBC reports here on a survey by the British Chamber of Commerce that one in five UK businesses were attacked last year, yet only 25% have some form of protection.  Are you really confident your business is fully protected?  Take advantage of our free, no-obligation IT Security Assessment.

Backing up the UK report, according to the FBI, there were 4,000 ransomware attacks every day in 2016, an increase of 300% over 2015, targeting all businesses, large or small. So all businesses are at risk and its now more a case of when rather than if.

So is there a threat protection plan for the business? Or are you going to keep your fingers crossed that what you have in place will work?

If you have the time and the resource, you may have run an IT Security Assessment where you will have listed all of your network assets and outlined all of your processes, identifying where your network may be vulnerable.  You will have included the processes and systems that are in place to Back-Up and Recover data or information lost in the event of an attack or an accidental breach by an employee.  You will have also listed all the Mobile Devices, owned and BYOD, that have access to the network.  And you will have identified who has access to your company’s vital data and customer information and the processes you have in place to ensure it remains your property?

Or you might have been just too busy doing all of the time-consuming, vital tasks that keep the company machine generating sales and revenues?

So why not take advantage of an AVR IT Security Assessment?  Let AVR conduct an assessment and give you peace of mind that you have everything in place to keep your network, endpoints and data secure.  There is no charge for the assessment which we can run on your premises or remotely and there is no obligation to purchase any product or service from AVR.  As an independent IT security and mobility solutions provider, we want your business to have the best solutions in place for your business.

Seems too good to be true?  Well in addition, we’ll give you an AVR goodie bag with one of our legendary smart cloths, an AVR mug, pen and sticky note pad!  We’re just too generous!

Drop AVR an email to info@avr.co.uk or call us on 01189 344 300 and speak to one of our friendly team and we’ll set it up.  We look forward to hearing from you.